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  Our products are zero-added, which is very healthy for pets.
  It is very safe to eat our products.
  Chicken and duck meat are high in protein, which provides pets with delicious food and more nutrition.
  Our products can also be used as a reward snack for training pets.


Nutrition & Health Pet Food

  Select by ingredient
Pet food should try to choose products that are free of gelatin and starch, in order to better protect the pet's intestines. If it is a starch based snack, it can be carried during travel or walking. In the absence of dining conditions, it can also temporarily satisfy hunger.
Meat and liver products
Chicken jerky: Low fat, high protein chicken is a great snack ingredient, which also contains multiple vitamins and trace elements required for healthy growth of dogs. The most rare thing is that chicken almost never causes any allergies.
Seafood: Seafood does have a strong taste that dogs love, and many kittens also love it. It contains a variety of nutrients that can supplement the body's needs. However, if it is made with seafood additives, it is difficult for dogs and cats' intestines to absorb the nutrients inside. So when choosing snacks, try to choose pure seafood with less additives.
Chicken gizzards and duck liver: Liver snacks, with their good palatability, often arouse great enthusiasm in dogs. However, due to the slightly high phosphorus content in the liver, which hinders the absorption of calcium in dogs, it is necessary to choose an appropriate amount.
 Select based on functionality and non functionality

Functional snacks are divided into two categories: teeth cleaning and chewing gum, which are usually specially designed to clean the dog's mouth and teeth; Non functional snacks are divided into regular snacks and nutritional snacks.

Tooth cleaning snacks. Tooth cleaning snacks are more like our human chewing gum, which contains chlorophyll and parsley, making pets' breath fresher and milder.
 Bite gum snacks. They are often made of tear resistant meat skins such as cowhide, ox ears, ox tendons, and sheep hooves. The meat is dry and easy to preserve, suitable for dogs to grind teeth and eliminate tartar, and has a better taste than chewing gum. Moreover, most of them are made into bone models, making dogs more interested in biting.
Regular snacks. They do not have the function of teeth cleaning and grinding, but they are also pet training
Essential foods in, including our common cookies, chicken strips, sandwiches, etc. Usually, these snacks have good palatability and are small and easy to carry, especially suitable for puppies whose teeth have not yet grown or are in training.

 Select according to packaging

Formal packaging: Truly safe and hygienic snack products must meet the following standards: equipped with formal packaging, with brand name, production date, nutrition ratio table, manufacturer address, production registration number, enterprise registration number, and local industrial and commercial registration batch number printed on the packaging. In addition to the above elements, imported snacks also need to be accompanied by Chinese instructions indicating national or local agent information. Only the quality of snacks in this packaging is guaranteed.
White packaging: The so-called white packaging refers to a transparent packaging bag without necessary information such as trademark and production date. Some are vacuum packaged, while others are simply plastic sealed. This snack, due to its cheap price and packaging, gives everyone the illusion of being "relatively hygienic". But its quality is usually very unstable.
. Bulk: Many snacks are sold by weight in some wholesale markets, and their prices are relatively cheap. However, they usually do not have any packaging, and the production date cannot be verified. Passers by can easily pick them up for their dogs to taste, which can easily cause cross infection of bacteria. Therefore, the hidden dangers of hygiene and safety should not be underestimated.
Whether you are selecting a current product from our catalogue or seeking engineering assistance for your application, you can consult our Customer Service Center to understand your purchasing needs.

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