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Research Report on China's Pet Food Industry in 2021
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Research Report on China's Pet Food Industry in 2021

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Industry judgment: At present, China's pet food industry is in the stage of rapid development, with staple food accounting for 75% of the pet food market. In terms of staple food, with the continuous expansion of the pet industry's market scale and the continuous improvement of consumers' scientific pet awareness, the pet staple food industry has ushered in the upgrading of brands and categories in its development. According to product form and function, pet staple food can be divided into four stages: 1.0 leftovers, 2.0 pet food, 3.0 natural food and 4.0 functional food. At present, China is basically at the stage of 2.0 pet food and is developing towards the stage of 3.0 natural food.

Industry scale: pet feeding penetration and pet food penetration have an impact on the market scale of pet food industry. At present, the market size of China's pet food industry has reached 133.7 billion yuan, including 52.7 billion yuan for pet cat food and 66.7 billion yuan for pet dog food. It is expected that the pet food market will reach about 241.7 billion yuan in 2025.

Structural change: The structure of the number of pet cats and dogs is changing. The number of pet dogs is expected to increase negatively in 2021 due to objective factors such as the adjustment of local dog policy and the restriction of residents' activities by the epidemic. Because of indoor breeding and other factors, pet cats are more accepted, and the number is growing faster than pet dogs. In terms of average monthly expenditure, pet cats are higher than pet dogs, and it is expected that the difference in average monthly expenditure will continue to widen in the future.

The domestic pet food brand has become a powerful brand. The key is to continuously improve the product power, brand power and channel supply power, and help domestic enterprises compete with overseas brands. IResearch combs out the elements and indicators of domestic brands and scans for excellent enterprises in the track.

Overseas brands form unique product advantages by virtue of the advantages of origin, channel strategy, R&D investment and category leadership, and form brand strength by virtue of historical accumulation and long-term deep cultivation of the Chinese market to carry out international operation.

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