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Duck Breast Sandwich Pet Snack Palatable Nutritious with Customized Packaging
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Duck Breast Sandwich Pet Snack Palatable Nutritious with Customized Packaging

Channelpet duck sandwich, a universal pet snack for all dog and cat breeds, single weight 100g/300g or customized as requirement, main ingredients include duck breast, sweet potato, fish fillet skin etc, shelf life 18 months, ODM/OEM service also available.
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Pet Treats Snacks Manufacturer Duck Breast Sandwich OEM ODM

Product introduction

Channelpet duck sandwich is made of selected duck breast and sweet potato, both these two are good resource of nutrients to pets, this product is nutrious and palatable, ODM/OEM service also available.

Why duck breast and potato as ingredient?

Duck meat

Duck meat can provide dogs with essential protein and energy during the growing process, it is nutritious and palatable. Duck meat is cool and warm, can effectively strengthen pet's body, daily intake won't cause inflammation. Duck meat is a low-allergenic meat, pets that have allergic reactions to other meats can try to eat duck meat. Moreover, duck meat has a low fat content and a low melting point of fatty acids, which is more conducive to digestion and does not easily accumulate fat like other meats. Duck meat is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, the ratio is close to the ideal value, which is good for the dog's hair and will make the hair color better. Duck meat is a thing of clearing and nourishing, in the view of traditional Chinese medicine, ducks eat more water creatures, taste sweet, cold, and have the effect of clearing heat and reducing fire. If the dog has tears, you can eat some duck meat appropriately to manage tears.

Essential details

Brand name: CHANNELPET

Place of origin: Xuzhou city, China

Ingredients: Duck breast, sweet potato

Additives: glycerol, sorbitol, phosphate, potassium

Shelf life: 18 months

MOQ: 100KGs

Certificates: ISO22000, BRC, HACCP

Nutrient value

Crude protein: ≧25%;  Crude fat: ≧4.5%;  Crude fiber: ≦1.0%; Crude ash: ≦3.0%;  Moisture: ≦26%

Basd on pet's weight, we recommended feeding as below

CHANNELPET Recommended Feeding

Supply Ability&Packaging & delivery&Lead time

Supply ability over 700 Ton/Tons per Year. Regular bag weighs 300 grams, we can provide service if you want customized package and ODM/OEM service.

For quantity(kilograms)≤5000KG, we will finish production within 15days, quantity above that can be negotiated by urgency.



Whether you are selecting a current product from our catalogue or seeking engineering assistance for your application, you can consult our Customer Service Center to understand your purchasing needs.

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